Lighting on point

This segment is your best friend when you need to focus on accuracy and precision. You will find flexible solutions for confined spaces – when the light can make the difference for a safe and proper job.

Smart functions and longer battery life

In confined spaces where concentration and accuracy are important, you need lighting that is easy to move and redirect. A bright light on a small surface is what matters here. The workspace may consist of an electrical cabinet, motor or ventilation drum, and the requirements for perfection are especially high here. With the right kind of lighting, you have a greater opportunity to perform the task in the best way, without having to overstrain your eyes, work in uncomfortable positions or risk making mistakes due to poor visibility.

Perfect solution for:

  • Small surfaces
  • High precision
  • Electricians, mechanics, plumbers, chimney sweeps, etc.


If the workplace has a lack of daylight – supplement your precision lighting with good general lighting. This will make you more alert and help you concentrate for longer.