Workplace illuminated

Work lighting for those users who are looking for a really bright light, to shine on your workplace or to create a brighter work environment that keeps you alert. Smart solutions and fewer cables make it easy to move the lighting wherever you need it.

Rechargeable and portable in a variety of models

For many jobs, brightness is what allows you to perform the task in the best possible way. Light may partly be a prerequisite for making sure that everything is right, but it is also an issue of safety. In workplaces everywhere, many people experience a dark working environment. The risk of accidents increases, partly because you cannot see properly and partly because in the long run darkness makes you tired and unfocused. Work lamps where the focus is on brightness give you a better illuminated workspace, but the lighting can also be directed onto walls and ceilings, giving you a brighter and more comfortable workplace in general.

Perfect solution for:

  • Large surfaces
  • Large need for light but a lack of natural light
  • Carpenters, painters, security guards, etc.

Did you know that…

Approximately 1 in 5 feel that their workplace is too dark? In environments where the availability of natural light is low, the numbers are even higher, especially among older employees who may need brighter light than others.