The importance of good work light

Good work light will enhance your performance even in the darkest times and places. It’s easy to “just go with the everyday lamps”, when in fact the health and result will be affected negatively. To achieve good results, this time of year, it’s important to choose the right work light for the job.


“Imagine going to work a normal, dark autumn day to paint the inside or outside of a house, or putting up wallpaper. It’s hard enough to do a good work when you have natural light, so in order to achieve any good result when it’s dark, you need the right light to recognize color differences”, says painter Jonas Rundqvist from JORU Måleri.

Mobility and stability are two important characteristics for a work light to be useful in different work settings. A stationary work light is more fitted when working longer periods, for example in construction. Painters and other craftsmen that move around from day to day need mobility first and foremost – which is why they need an “easy to carry” work light.

Good work lights are often a long term investment since they affect your performance and health. As a business owner you can always turn to occupational health care or consultants within work environment to get guidance towards better work light. You can also contact your labour union to know more about laws and rules around work light in your work environment.

Source: Colorama

We at Mareld Pro lighting therefore recommend two work lights with a high color rendering index, that gives a good light and are easy to carry. Check them out below