Product news, 2018

This year, we take work lights to the next level with new features such as: stronger light, more smart functions, zoom, several different light modes and rubber coating for better durability and grip.

With our knowledge, and the difference really good lighting can make, we want to guide you to the right work light for the job which will result in a safer work environment and better results. One of those steps toward better guidance permeates our whole product selection in three different segments: Power, Precision and Performance.

In the Power segment, focus is Power, obviously, where this year’s strongest work light, Mareld Starburst 16 000, has a capacity of 16 000 lumen. With its unique design the work light has six different light sources that can be adjusted to fit your need. Another feature is the frosted glass to make it non-glare, which is important because of the high brightness in the work light. Except the Starburst 16 000, the Power segment has been complemented with head lamps which are rubber coated on the inside to provide a better grip around the head or helmet.

Last year’s hit within the Power segment, Vapor 5500 has developed into two new work lights called Vapor 9000 and Vapor 6500 with stronger light but still the same soft, non-glare light image. New to the segment is the Canopus 4000 RA90 with a unique design and rubber coated for extra durability.

In the performance segment, designed to fit extreme conditions and weather, you will find two new work lights called: Mareld Gleam 145 RE och Mareld Gleam 450. Both have several different light modes and a rubber coated interior to provide better grip around the head or helmet.

Mareld Flash which was a favorite has been complemented with several different level of brightness and zoom to adjust focus (Zoom is only available on the smallest one)

Please check out our light guide  to help you find the right work light on how to use it in the best possible way.