Presenting this year’s new products!

Presenting this year’s product news!

We are now launching an additional 29 new products to complement our previous offering, making it suitable for even more applications. In this year’s range you will find several new robust work lamps (Shine), a new series of hand lamps (Illumine), a new series of EX rated lamps (JET) for potentially explosive environments, LED strips and puck lights to mark out temporary working environments plus even brighter head lamps. Last but not least, we have upgraded our brightest work lamp Starburst 16000, which is now available with Bluetooth control.

With our knowledge of work lighting and the difference it can make, we want to guide you in using light to achieve better working results and a better working environment. To help you achieve that goal, we have divided the range into three segments: Power, Precision and Performance.

The Power segment has a strong focus on brightness. A good example of a Power lamp is the Starburst with 16000 lumen, which this year has been upgraded to Bluetooth to switch the lamp on and off, an option to adjust brightness and a timer function, all controlled via an app on your mobile phone. The Power segment has also been strengthened with the Shine 4000 RE and Shine 8000 – two new robust and transport friendly work lamps with extremely bright general lighting. The Shine 4000 RE has a battery life of 7 hours with the lithium battery, and the built-in emergency lighting function allows you to work a full day without power. Last year’s Power hit the Vapor 9000 has been further developed and now has a big brother in the Vapor 13000, with a brighter light but still with the same soft, glare-free beam pattern. A new addition to this segment is the Halo 1200 RE, which is now our brightest head lamp fitted with a zoom function. An extra refinement is that the lamp is a so-called hybrid, which means that it can be operated with alkaline batteries while you charge the ordinary battery.

This year, the Performance segment, designed for particularly heavy loads and tough working environments, features four new hand lamps: Illumine 600, Illumine 700, Illumine 800 and Illumine 1000. All are rechargeable and extremely impact resistant. We also have the Canopus 2400 RE, a new flexible work lamp in the same series with adjustable brightness and colour temperature for optimal colour reproduction. Mareld Flash, the bestseller in this segment, has been further developed with an IP 65 classification. The Flash 3000 RE is completely new, with increased brightness and a dimmer function that can be set to four positions. In addition to all of this, we are also launching a head lamp called Peta 300 RE, a hybrid lamp that can be operated both with alkaline batteries and the included rechargeable battery. The best thing about this head lamp is its 11-hour operating time! We have also upgraded the Light Guide from a static page to an interactive application, where you can click your way through to the best lamp for the job in just three easy steps.