Light Guide

Different working situations require different types of lighting. The Light Guide offers tips and advice on products and lighting that are particularly suitable for your working environment.


Where are you working today?


When working indoors, a common problem is the lack of access to or total absence of daylight. This can interfere with the daily rhythm and cause tiredness. It is therefore important as far as possible to try to recreate daylight.

Spot lighting on the specific workspace is not enough, even if you are only working on a small surface. In fixed rooms, good ceiling lighting may be sufficient as a supplement to spot lighting, while in rooms without ceiling lighting, you can direct one or more lamps against the ceiling and walls around you.

To recreate daylight, it is also important to have the correct colour temperature. Old fluorescent tubes are examples of lights which often give a very yellow tone, which in turn can cause tiredness and make it difficult to see properly.

Our range includes a series of lamps that overcome these problems and requirements, as they can easily be directed against the surface you want to illuminate. We use modern LED technology that in many cases corresponds to the temperature of daylight and works well in both dark rooms and in rooms where the fixed lighting gives a yellowish tone. Lamps with SMD technology also provide a bright light with even dispersion that reduces shadows.


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When working outdoors, changeable weather and the absence of electricity sockets are frequent problems. The advantage of outdoor work is that you have access to daylight during the day, but to see properly when working in winter or in overcast conditions, for example, it is still important to have additional lighting that helps you to focus and avoid errors.

Our range includes several lamps that overcome these problems. We have a series of lamps with rechargeable batteries that in many cases are interchangeable, so you always have the possibility of being able to switch to a charged battery. Some of our lights also have a USB socket to charge your phone, etc. Access to an outdoor power outlet can often be limited, so a lamp with an extra power outlet is a good solution.

For precision work outdoors, we have a series of torches and head lamps with rechargeable batteries which also cope well in different weather conditions.


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Harsh environments

The daily life of many of our users is often full of risk, and just as you need good protection, so does your lighting. Our range therefore includes a variety of work lamps that are particularly resistant to dirt and wear. Typical workplaces where lighting is particularly exposed include construction or industrial sites, but the range is also useful to other professionals who require durable equipment.

Our aluminium torches and head lamps provide optimal protection for your lights, so you can confidently carry out your work in the best possible way, even in harsh environments. Our range also includes work lamps designed and constructed from materials that are particularly impact resistant, e.g. the Blaze 2500, whose arched shape protects the lens if the lamp is dropped.


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Large surfaces

To illuminate a large surface, you need a really bright light with wide dispersion, so you do not have to struggle with shadows or glare. Despite the fact that the light is bright, you still need to be able to see colours and contrast properly. In many working situations there is also a lack of electricity sockets, so serial connections or cordless lamps are a common requirement.

Our range includes a series of lamps that overcome these problems and requirements. SMD technology is a good solution to avoid shadows on the surface where you are working. Several small lamps are combined to create a very bright light. Multiple light sources that illuminate the surface from different directions are also a good solution, preferably with different strengths, where the slightly weaker lamps help to create a softer light. It is particularly important for e.g. painters and facade workers to achieve even lighting without strong shadows.

Our range also includes lamps with rechargeable batteries and additional electricity sockets. You can also purchase stands so you can vary the height of the lamps.


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Small surfaces

On small surfaces where concentration and accuracy are important, you need lighting that is easy to move and redirect. A bright light on a small surface is what matters here. The workspace may consist of an electrical cabinet, motor or ventilation drum, and the requirements for perfection are especially high here. The conditions for positioning larger lighting solutions in connection with the workspace are often limited, and most of the time it is a small, limited surface that needs to be illuminated. With the help of smart, flexible solutions and functions like good battery life, you are well prepared for all situations that may arise.

Our range includes a series of torches and head lamps suitable for precision work, with smart features such as motion sensors and light sensors. This type of work lighting is extremely easy to move and is therefore ideal when you are often switching between workspaces.


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Rough weather

Are you also tired of lighting that hurts as soon as the weather shows its worst side? Working outdoors has particular demands, and some work has to be done outdoors whatever the weather – sun, rain or snow. Whatever the weather, you have to be able to rely on the performance of your lighting.

For extra durability against moisture and wear, we have developed a specific segment where the material and design have been produced specifically for this purpose. In this segment you will find torches and head lamps in aluminium and hand lamps with extra grip so you can keep a tight hold of the equipment even in wet weather. Typical situations where this is important are e.g. when working outdoors or on a construction site.


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Tight spaces

It can be difficult to fit larger work lamps in small and tight spaces. Very often you have to resort to temporary solutions which may not provide the best conditions for good work. In our range you will find good work lighting products for working in small and cramped situations, and where the work requires high precision and accuracy.

A head lamp enables you to always direct the lighting where you are working and to release your hands to be able to focus on the task. Most of our head lamps are also equipped with motion sensors and light sensors that detect how far away you are from the object and dim the light accordingly. Another good solution for this type of situation is a hand lamp with a hook and magnetic mount that can easily be hung up and directed where you want, or a torch that can be clipped to your trousers or pocket when not in use.


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