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Store your lamps properly for greater protection


Are you also tired of lighting that seems to grow legs and disappear? Many people who use work lighting experience the same problems – the lights are difficult to store and to move quickly and easily, and it is difficult to keep track of all the cables, batteries and other accessories. We have now developed […]

Health risks associated with poor lighting


Did you know that poor lighting can damage your health? Insufficient lighting, incorrect colour temperature or the absence of daylight are all examples of problems that can affect your health. Tiredness is a common result, and over 60 % of Swedes state that they are quite or very often affected by this at work. Poor […]

How to stay alert during the working day


Proper lighting doesn’t just help you to see better and make fewer errors. It is also a good means of keeping alert and focused throughout the working day. For many construction workers and craftsmen, their work is associated with a number of risks, where a small mistake can have a significant impact, both on the […]