How to stay alert during the working day

Proper lighting doesn’t just help you to see better and make fewer errors. It is also a good means of keeping alert and focused throughout the working day.

For many construction workers and craftsmen, their work is associated with a number of risks, where a small mistake can have a significant impact, both on the work and on those performing it. That is why it is important to maintain clarity and focus throughout the day, and it all begins with being able to keep yourself alert.

Good general lighting

When you are working outdoors, you often have good basic light, but this is not always the case indoors. This is why it is important not just to illuminate the surface where the job is to be carried out. Supplementary general lighting gives you both a brighter environment to keep you alert and to a greater extent helps to avoid sharp shadows and contrast on the workspace. This is particularly the case with precision work. Even if you are going to work on an extremely small surface, you need light in the whole room to keep yourself alert. You should direct the supplementary lighting onto the walls and ceiling to reflect the daylight as much as possible.

Glare-free light

You need bright light to avoid squinting and tired eyes and head, but without the light glaring or casting sharp shadows. Glaring lights and shadows dragging across the surface can strain your eyes and also cause errors or accidents. Lamps with SMD technology or light from different directions are a good solution therefore.

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