About Mareld

Today, a lot of people are working in bad light.

This is a reality at construction sites, in rooms being repainted, inside electrical cabinets, indoors and outdoors. As a result of bad lighting we do not see as well, causing us to do a worse job and it also affects our well being. At Mareld, we believe that this is due to a lack of knowledge. That’s why we are working to spread knowledge about work lighting, and that’s why we have also decided to work exclusively on developing work lighting. We want everyone to have the right light for the job, thus eliminating fall accidents in stairs, other injuries and back and neck strain caused by awkward working positions as a result of bad work lighting. We also want to be able to say goodbye to tangled cables, bad batteries and poor colour reproduction. All this can be summed up in our goal and our vision:


Did you know that…

Only 15 % of Swedes consider that workplace lighting is tailored to their needs. Your lighting needs can often differ significantly from your colleagues. Take control of your own lighting situation with supplementary lighting!

We cast away the darkness

The time for tangled cables, poor battery life and sensitive equipment is over. We are getting to grips with lighting problems with really good work lighting adapted to the daily challenges faced by our users.

At Mareld Pro Lighting, we know that good lighting makes a really big difference and that the light greatly affects your performance. We therefore believe that there is room for lighting to be more than a throw-away product that has a low priority and is handled badly. Did you know, for example, that you are both more efficient and make fewer mistakes when you choose the right light for your working environment?

If you ask the users themselves, they will tell you they are looking for longer battery life, fewer cables and better durability. This is what we have focused on in our product range. With work lamps divided into three segments, we can help you find the right solution to your lighting problems and choose the right lamps for your needs. Everything from greater durability and brighter light to more flexible and smart solutions can be found within our range.

We understand the difference that really good lighting can make. Now it’s time for us to share this with our users.