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New updated app

  • Allows the user to control on/off, dimmer, timer and to connect
    in parallel up to 100 units that can be operated via a single app
  • Map function showing the latest position of the work lamps
  • Updated interface for easy navigation

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Today, a lot of people are working in bad light.

This is a reality at construction sites, in rooms being repainted, inside electrical cabinets, indoors and outdoors. As a result of bad lighting we do not see as well, causing us to do a worse job and it also affects our well being. At Mareld, we believe that this is due to a lack of knowledge. That’s why we are working to spread knowledge about work lighting, and that’s why we have also decided to work exclusively on developing work lighting. We want everyone to have the right light for the job, thus eliminating fall accidents in stairs, other injuries and back and neck strain caused by awkward working positions as a result of bad work lighting. We also want to be able to say goodbye to tangled cables, bad batteries and poor colour reproduction. All this can be summed up in our goal and our vision:



Extra bright light

Work lighting for those users who are looking for a really bright light with wide dispersion. Smart solutions and fewer cables make it easy to move the lighting wherever you need it.

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Close and precise – directed lighting

This segment is your best friend when you need to focus on accuracy and precision. You will find flexible solutions for confined spaces – when the light can make the difference for a safe and correctly executed job.

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Extra durability against dirt, moisture and wear

When durability and robust equipment are required. Work lighting for extreme situations – ranging from high heights to outdoor work in bad weather.

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Did you know that…

Flexible and durable lighting reduces the risk of having to work in uncomfortable positions or poor lighting conditions. This makes you feel better, perform better and reduces the risk of accidents.

Presenting this year’s new products!


Presenting this year’s product news! We are now launching an additional 29 new products to complement our previous offering, making it suitable for even more applications. In this year’s range you will find several new robust work lamps (Shine), a new series of hand lamps (Illumine), a new series of EX rated lamps (JET) for […]

The importance of good work light


Good work light will enhance your performance even in the darkest times and places. It’s easy to “just go with the everyday lamps”, when in fact the health and result will be affected negatively. To achieve good results, this time of year, it’s important to choose the right work light for the job.   “Imagine […]

Product news, 2018


This year, we take work lights to the next level with new features such as: stronger light, more smart functions, zoom, several different light modes and rubber coating for better durability and grip. With our knowledge, and the difference really good lighting can make, we want to guide you to the right work light for […]