Everything happens when the light turns on.

Whatever the activity – carpentry, painting, assembling, repairing, casting, digging, running, biking or climbing – you want your performance to be as close as possible to perfection.

That’s why all our products are created for one purpose: To allow you to do your very best work under live conditions – when the light turns on.

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Mesh lamp – New  app for Mareld

Mareld has developed a new solution for controlling our work lights with your mobile phone. The new app “Mesh Lamp” is available on Appstore and Google play and can be downloaded for free.

The app is very user-friendly, it does not require registration and is compatible with all Mareld lamps marked with APP.

The previous Mareld app will be discontinued. If you have already downloaded the Mareld app before, we recommend that you uninstall it and replace it with the Mesh Lamp app.



Nova, Orion and Vega gets tested in TrailRunning Sweden

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Mareld sponsors Ultra-SM in trailrunning

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Aim Challenge tests our head lamps!

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Our analog catalogue in digital format

If you prefer to browse a catalog but don’t have access to the physical version, you can read our browseable digital version here.

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